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Seal - i'm alive

Not only were transgender people barred from service then, but she also feared what her comrades would think or do. There was a "chance that — if I took [the chance of coming out] — I might be dead today," she told CNN. 

Your hand's falling'...
Saw my blood on the ground,
And it changed my life...
Your face in the crowd,
You're my future.
Saw my blood on the ground.
And it changed my life...

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It always comes back to the middle — the middle-of-the-road. Dita is a very good dog on a slightly above-average series. “SEAL Team” will serve its procedural mission just fine, but the show could have more of an impact if it was let off the leash.

396-5 / 31 All right. Now, a little preview of last evening in the breaking of the Fifth Seal. We won't go all the way back tonight, just back far enough to get the–the Fifth Seal.
Now, we find out that there was the antichrist that rode on, and wound himself up from three powers, all went into one power and rode the pale horse, death, into a bottomless pit into perdition where it come from. And then we find out when the–the Scriptures says when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God raises up a standard against it. And we seen it perfectly vindicated in the Word last night.
For there was four beasts that–that answered to the–the four times that this rider rode, and he rode a different horse each time–a white horse, and then a red horse, and a black horse, and then a pale horse. And we found out those colors and what they were and what they did; then take it right back into the ages of the churches and exactly that's what it done, just perfectly.
Therefore you see, when the Word of God blends together, that mean It's correct. You see? You… I believe anything that hooks with the Word of God is always, "Amen." See?

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Seal - I'm AliveSeal - I'm AliveSeal - I'm AliveSeal - I'm Alive