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U2 - all shine on!

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Lennon completed the writing of "Instant Karma!" in an hour. [2] He then telephoned bandmate George Harrison [15] and American producer Phil Spector , [17] who was in London at the invitation of the Beatles' Apple Corps manager, Allen Klein . [26] [27] According to Lennon's recollection, he told Spector: "Come over to Apple quick, I've just written a monster." [17]

Bono wrote the lyrics during his first night visiting Côte d’Azur in 1986, [13] while struggling to reconcile his responsibilities as both a married man and a musician. [7] His wanderlust in belonging to a musical act was often at odds with his domestic life. [7] While writing the lyrics, he realized that neither facet of his life defined him, but rather the tension between the two did. He explained that the final lyric is about torment and how repressing desires only makes them stronger. [7]

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U2 - All Shine On!U2 - All Shine On!U2 - All Shine On!U2 - All Shine On!