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Various - the wax ages

Our location is tricky to find. We are located at the corner of Route 28/Norbeck Rd and East Gude Drive. A Great landmark is Bounce U. We are in the Rockmanor office building next to the Bounce U on the basement level. 

The use of wax seals, however, did not begin until the Middle Ages. At first they were the exclusive purview of monarchs, bishops, and royal courts for use in issuing official decrees and authenticating documents. The use of wax seals then gradually became more democratized, spreading from aristocrats, to monasteries and guilds (for example, butchers would sign agreements with a seal bearing the image of a hog or cow), and eventually to ordinary freemen by the 13 th century. Each individual had their own seal, and in a time when many were illiterate, they were used in place of a signature to authenticate agreements, contracts, wills, letters which conferred rights or privileges – any act executed in someone’s name.

Various - The Wax AgesVarious - The Wax AgesVarious - The Wax AgesVarious - The Wax Ages