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At Dubbels Trucking we operate as a full-service trucking company hauling dry bulk commodities with our own fleet of semi-tractors and trailers. Starting out with one man, one truck, and an unwavering drive for customer satisfaction we have grown into a reliable transport solution for many companies and agricultural corporations. Drawing upon our founder’s original vision, we will continue to grow and expand our service offerings to meet the needs of our customers.

Moonlight Dub Xperiment is not only a music show, it is a complete sensorial experience. The music and visuals are deeply intertwined, connecting in a very organic way. Every show has the seed of improvisation, allowing for every single show to be different, on both musical and visual. With the live effects happening real time on stage, anything can happen. Come, follow the rabbit into a different Universe, the DUBBYverse…

At age fifteen after moving to Tucson, Arizona with his family, R Dub! got his first chance in radio, volunteering at the local public radio station . Although he was on in the middle of the night, broadcasting out of a tiny radio station that didn’t have many listeners, he was happy to be playing his Slow Jams…and even if just one person was listening, he knew he was making a difference in their night!

Various - Dub Backups.ThreeVarious - Dub Backups.ThreeVarious - Dub Backups.ThreeVarious - Dub Backups.Three